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Self Care for the Season

All of this shopping, dining, and entertaining will absolutely lead to the need for some self-care. We are so ready for you downtown for all kinds of self-care, from nails and hair to personalized wellness plans.

If you are looking for a head start on the new year new me pressure cooker, stop in at Healthy Transformation and chat with them about personalized wellness plans, essential oils, and more. Lux Life Med Spa is a great spot for all things modern medspa such as laser removal and IV hydration to keep you on your holiday game.

For personal or group workouts, visit Katana Fitness Center. It’s not only a great and convenient place to up your fitness game, it’s also a positive and supportive environment.

Let’s talk salons. It’s no secret that downtown Mansfield is the hub for all things beauty! If you aren’t already getting your hair and nails done in downtown, it’s time to do the switch. Visit Bankz Salon, Irongate Salon, Salon Vivace, Roots, Studio 19, Sixty-One Salon & Beauty, or AK Hair Collective for the best experiences by the most talented professionals.


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