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© Downtown Mansfield, Inc. 2015

Preserve Mansfield


"An appreciation of Mansfield's architectural heritage and the need for it's preservation has grown in recent years. The city has a wide range of architectural resources which illustrate it's development and character from the early 19th century to present day. As it's neighborhoods and buildings have grown older, however, many have been allowed to deteriorate. Park Avenue West is the most dramatic example of a once grand Mansfield street which has been changed by commercial adaptations of older property. Other areas, such as downtown and West Third Street, have lost historic buildings through neglect, new development or startegic demolition. Understanding the importance of the city's older architecture and techniques for it's rehabilitation will go along way toward preserving Mansfield's past for it's future".


*Text is from The Mansfield Old Building Handbook, by The Historic Preservation Commission of Mansfield

Architectural Scavenger Hunt


In honor of Historic Preservation Month, this May stroll through downtown Mansfield and discover the architectural designs that so richly contribute to the defining character of our city. Mansfield's early architects and developers had a keen eye for subtle nuances that make many of our buildings unique. Images included on the scavenger hunt are located on buildings within the following downtown boundaries: Sixth Street to the north, First Street to the south, Bowman Street to the west and Adams Street to the east. Photos are in random order and buildings may be represented more than once.