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The Main Street Project Awarded RAISE Grant!

The Main Street Investment project has received a $7.38 million dollar RAISE grant to assist in funding the complete rebuilding of the Main Street corridor from First to Fifth Street! This project will reconstruct the downtown Mansfield streetscape and will include updated LED street lighting, new ADA-compliant curb ramps, upgraded sidewalks, brick pavers in new crosswalks, and lighted plazas with seating. It will also rejoin Central Park via a mid-block crossing, reestablish two-way traffic to support local business, and provide on-street parking. Water and sewer infrastructure that dates back 100 years will also be upgraded and replaced to assist the continuing downtown development.

The total project cost will be over $11 million and will dramatically change the face of our downtown! The process will take a few years but the end result will bring the downtown public infrastructure and environment in line with the extensive private investment that has occurred in downtown Mansfield over the last decade and encourage new investment. Not only will the project include all of the items listed above, but the committee is looking at innovative ways to incorporate digital signage, public art, history, and decorative sandstone elements that show off the communities heritage, innovation, and authentic artistic ambiance.

For more information on the RAISE grant, updates on the Main Street Plan, and press related to the Main Street Project, visit our website at Main Street Improvement.


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