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The best spots to eat and drink

This holiday season, take a break from all the shopping and stop in one of our local spots for some food and drinks. Downtown Mansfield scores big in the food and dining department and we’re here to help you wade through all the options so you can plan everything from before-concert drinks to your family dinners. Skip the chain restaurants this year and fill your holidays with unique experiences and great local food and drinks!

If you are meeting up with a few friends or getting a drink pre or post-show you want the perfect spot with great drinks. Martinis on Main, Phoenix Brewing Company, Cypress Cellars, and the Warehouse Tavern or the go-to spots in town with the ambiance to go with them. For late-night drinks, the Clubhouse is the vibe you want.

When you have family of all ages in town and you’re looking for a great spot for everything, we know just the places. For a variety of tastes, Coney Island Diner, City Grill, Coney Island Inn, Uncle John's Place, and Reindeer Grill are all great spots with amazing food! They have great menus with something for everyone from vegetarians to picky toddlers.

If you are looking for some deliciously unique food with a more targeted cuisine, Deja Food Eatery and Athena Greek are perfect spots. Both spots feature fresh made family recipes with quality ingredients. Find a new favorite food!

For a more upscale dining experience, we recommend DLX/China Club and Hudson and Essex. Both spots are impressive culinary experiences and beautiful locations. Bonus points for asking about the Cavern experience at Hudson Essex!

You are soo in luck if you like pizza! Two Cousins Pizza is easily one of the best in Mansfield and that is saying a lot because we have soo many great pizza spots here!

Speaking of unique spots, Swavory is such a great spot in downtown that has both the best salads in town along with crepes. You can’t leave without buying a bag of popcorn either and with so many great flavors to choose from, maybe two or three.

Let’s talk coffee. Relax, it’s just coffee is a great spot for all the coffee drinks you can dream up and if you have kids and family with you, you can easily find a comfy place to relax. Barrington Cafe also has a great line of coffee drinks and is the perfect spot to stop in while shopping along Park Avenue!

If you are looking for some pastries, Buckeye Bakery and Blackbird Bakery offer some of the best around! From cakes, donuts, cookies, and croissants, they are all amazing. For Greek goodies, be sure to check out the case in Athena Greek Restaurant!

Specialty drinks can also be found at Downtown Nutrition for a shot of energy with a shake or tea. You don't want to miss 3rd cup tea when you're downtown. They feature iced and hot teas, and snacks, and its a great place to relax.

City Garden Café located in the City of Mansfield building is great for workday breakfast and lunch and you can find a spot to sit and plan out your shopping!

In addition to all of this, you will regularly find a mix of food trucks at the Brickyard and along Park Avenue West! You’ll have a hard time finding time to shop with all the eating and drinking you’ll want to do!


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