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Ghost's of Mansfield's Past (The good kind)

Here at Downtown Mansfield, Inc. we're all about development. We love to see old buildings revitalized, new businesses open up, restaurants flourish and events take shape. At the same time, we never lose sight of where we came from and the history that has brought us here today. Started from the bottom, now we're here, right? While taking a look at all the positive change, we can still see the history of our past through ghost murals and ghost buildings. In case you think ghost buildings or murals equate to being haunted, have no fear! It's not that kind of fright. Next time you're on a stroll downtown, keep an eye out for these gems!

We are often asked why the Owl's Lodge sets farther back from the street than the other storefronts. If it weren't for this setting, you wouldn't be able to see the outline of the building that was once attached to What Goes 'Round collection center. Just look at the chimney outline, can it get any cuter than that?

Do you see the outline of what was once another building here? We hope that you're geeking out over these as much as we are.

Ghost murals, baby. It's faint, but you can see the traces of what used to be a vibrant and colorful building mural on North Main Street.

First of all - downtown is so cute. Biased? Maybe. But that is beside the point. Recognize this building? It's the Temple Court Side of Martini's on Main. At one point in time, there was another building attached. The outlines and the color contrasts of the brick have us swooning.

All the ghost murals here. And maybe other kinds of apparitions too, it just depends on who you ask.

Next time you're in The Brickyard, take a look at this one. A faint outline of historical downtown Mansfield.

Downtown Mansfield is blooming (shout out to our beautification squad). We're always developing, expanding, and growing. In the midst of it all, it's important to take a step back and look at how far we've come. Lucky for us, there is evidence everywhere.


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