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© Downtown Mansfield, Inc. 2015


Downtown Mansfield is a growing kaleidoscope of historic building renovations, performing artists and creative talents.  Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) is focused on harnessing the power of this collective energy to create a sustainable, thriving community.  The community that we envision is a reflective collection of the creative talents that make up the neighborhood’s residents and builds new potential through successful enterprises, marketplaces and performing spaces.

With the success of the Brickyard development and its ability to attract customers and spectators to performing arts attractions and businesses, BUILD128 will take that success to the next level by guiding entrepreneurs, through the next phase of successful startups.  Targeting underserved and emerging communities, we’re offering nontraditional entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow talents and skills and not just make money, but participate actively in the continued resurgence of downtown Mansfield. 


DMI has long believed that entrepreneurship changes lives. The power of ownership in a community creates and grows civic pride and transforms the way residents are involved in revitalization.  Honestly, entrepreneurship is hard, especially without a foundation of business education and lack of community connections.  DMI as BUILD128, will work closely with NCSC and the Richland County Entrepreneurship Alliance, offering resources beyond the traditional support network. BUILD128 will serve as the entrepreneurial lab, where artists, neighborhood craftsman and small business startups can test, market and share their craft. Build128, will expand the DMI #buildthebrickyard project, to include the collective building of entrepreneurs, creative arts and community.



Build128 isn’t just a popup shop, it’s an innovation center where ideas and visions are launched.  An opportunity for local entrepreneurs to expand their brands into a physical retail and performance atmosphere; a collaboration between education, social, entrepreneurial and creative needs housed under one roof.  This type of innovation center is great for new businesses, but that’s just the start.  In addition to the pop-up retail element, Build128 is a functioning gallery space for visual artists, a performance venue for creative artists and a screening room for independent films.  In addition, we’ve even designated a few lounge areas where you can sit back and dream up your own vision while enjoying the live music and art. 

Build128 is space and opportunity in its purest form, giving entrepreneurs and artists a venue to express themselves and test their ideas in real time, a dynamic semi-permanent environment available 365 days a year. The only constant is the space to build your dream. 


For more information on BUILD128 project or to hold an event click here.